Baxter PD Excellence Academy

Baxter is offering nurses interested in advancing their peritoneal dialysis (PD) skills the opportunity to attend immersive PD Excellence Academy accredited educational sessions that are included in the symposium program for no extra cost. The PD Excellence Academy sessions will cover the foundations of PD, optimizing PD therapy and management of the PD prescription, as well as best practices for retaining patients on PD therapy to arm nurses with the knowledge and skills to deliver best in class PD care to their patients.

These sessions provide PD education for nurses of all experience levels, and the curriculum will cover topics that are ideal for nurses with little to no formal training in PD therapy as well as nurses who already have a basic understanding.

These sessions will be offered in-person and via livestream.

If you register for the ANNA National Symposium, you will have access to both ANNA symposium and Baxter PD Excellence Academy sessions.

Note: The Baxter PD Excellence Academy is offering their accredited educational sessions in conjunction with the ANNA National Symposium for no extra cost. The Baxter PD Excellence Academy sessions are accredited individually through the California Board of Registered Nursing.