Monday, April 15

7:15 am - 8:45 am

Breakfast / Non-CE Program


The Role of Parsabiv in the Treatment of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Adult Patients on Hemodialysis

Deborah A. Glidden, MSN, APRN
Sponsored by Amgen

8:45 am - 10:15 am

Exhibits / Posters / Coffee Break


Poster Presentations

2.0 CH

Posters will be presented during exhibit hours on Monday and Tuesday. Contact hours are available for attending poster sessions. View abstracts accepted for presentation.

10:15 am - 11:30 am

Concurrent Sessions (131-136)


Kidney Function and Failure in Neonates

1.25 CH, .25 Rx

Danielle Soranno, MD

Renal function in neonates is different from older children, which is important to note when caring for neonates experiencing renal failure. Risks and benefits of dialysis in neonatal patients along with indications for treatment will be discussed.


Confirming the Importance of Oral Health in CKD

1.25 CH


Patients with CKD may have poor oral health and have to deal with the associated consequences. Learn more about these consequences and how to develop an individualized approach to good oral health.


Cardiac Dysrhythmias in Patients with CKD

1.25 CH

Brenda Jahnke, MSN, RN, CNS

Explore the pathophysiology, epidemiology, and risk factors of cardiac dysrhythmias in patients with CKD; and develop strategies to prevent and treat dysrhythmias in this patient population.


Don't Get Mad, Get Involved: Advocacy in Action

1.25 CH


Nurses can play a vital role in advocating for changes in health policy. Learn how nurses can be involved individually and collectively to influence health policy in our communities and our country.


Effective Communication and Coaching Skills for the Nephrology Nurse Leader*

1.25 CH

Jennifer Payton, MHCA, BSN, RN, CNN

Effective communication and coaching are primary tools for success in our volunteer and professional lives. Learn the essential guidelines for effectively communicating with colleagues.

*Session is designed for ANNA volunteer leaders as part of the LEAD orientation program.


Technology – Novice*

1.25 CH

Celess Tyrell

As an ANNA leader, there are many online tools that can make your volunteer job easier. Review the basics of the tools you will need to use most: ANNA Connected, social media for your chapter, Doodle, Dropbox, and more as time allows.

*Session is designed for ANNA volunteer leaders as part of the LEAD orientation program.

11:45 am - 1:00 pm

Concurrent Sessions (141-146)


Sepsis Recognition

1.25 CH, .5 Rx

Rasheed Balogun, MD, FACP, FASN, HP(ASCP)

What are the signs and symptoms of sepsis in a patient with CKD? How does sepsis affect kidney function, and how does that impact sepsis treatment? Learn the answers to these questions as well as the long-term effects of septic shock.


Burnout and Resilience: A Preventive Strategy

1.25 CH

Judy Kauffman, DNP, MSN, RN, CNN

How can you deal with burnout? How do you maintain – or build – resilience? Dr. Kauffman will share tips for preventing or circumventing burnout and achieving resilience in your professional life.


Home Therapy: Physical Assessment

1.25 CH

Marijo Johnson, BSN, RN, CNN

How does the interprofessional approach to home therapy comprehensive assessment differ from an assessment for an in-center patient? This and other questions will be addressed in this discussion of patient assessment in the home setting.


Resistant Hypertension

1.25 CH, 1.25 Rx

Raymond Townsend, MD

Explore the characteristics of resistant hypertension, including epidemiology, how to evaluate volume control, and what to expect in patients. Frequency of management follow up as well as the education and lifestyle reinforcement necessary to manage this disease process will be discussed.


Mentoring Discussion Roundtables*

1.25 CH

Cindy Richards, BSN, RN, CNN and ANNA Leaders

An ANNA leader will facilitate mentoring and discussion at each table. Targeted questions will start the interaction, and then each group will determine topics for discussion.

*Session is designed for ANNA volunteer leaders as part of the LEAD orientation program.


Technology - Intermediate*

1.25 CH

Celess Tyrell

As an ANNA leader, there are many online tools that can make your volunteer job easier. Review the basics of ANNA Connected, social media for your chapter, Doodle, Dropbox, Google Drive, Eventbrite, and more. Also, learn some new online tools, tips, and tricks that may work for your chapter.

*Session is designed for ANNA volunteer leaders as part of the LEAD orientation program.

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm



Box Lunch

Included in registration fee.

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Specialty Practice Networking Sessions (161-165)


Health Policy ~ The Advocacy Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

1.0 CH

Home Therapies ~ Helping Patients Choose Home Dialysis: An Interactive Role-Playing Session

1.0 CH

Transplantation ~ Wanted Dead or (Even Better) Alive: Encouraging Living Kidney Donation

1.0 CH

Acute Care ~ Veteran Nurses Are Priceless: So How Do We Prevent Burnout?

1.0 CH

Chronic Kidney Disease ~ CKD Education: An Initiative to Impact Patient-Centered Outcomes

1.0 CH

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Exhibits / Posters / Refreshment Break

Plan your time in the exhibit hall and meet with companies about their products and services. Click here to view the exhibitor listing/floorplan.

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Specialty Practice Networking Sessions (171-175)


Hemodialysis ~ Organ Stunning and Neurologic Effects in the Hemodialysis Patient with Rapid Fluid Removal

1.0 CH

Advanced Practice ~ APRN-Led CKD Clinics: What Do You Do in Your Clinic?

1.0 CH

Administration ~ Yodeling Away Generational Gaps in Communication and Leadership: Come Boot Scootin' Boogie with Us!

1.0 CH

Pediatrics ~ All I Ate Was a Hamburger!”: Treatments and Outcomes of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

1.0 CH, .5 Rx

Educator ~ Strategies to Improve Current Issues in Nephrology Education: Recruitment, Retention, and Patient and Staff Education

1.0 CH

5:30 pm

Town Hall with ANNA Board of Directors

Meet with members of the ANNA Board of Directors who will be available to answer questions, listen to suggestions and concerns, and discuss issues of importance to ANNA members.

7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

50th Anniversary Celebration Gala


50th Anniversary Celebration Gala

Join colleagues and friends as we celebrate nephrology nursing and ANNA’s 50th anniversary with a special gala. The evening will open with a cocktail reception and networking opportunity. Then, enjoy dancing and refreshments during a special anniversary celebration event. Cocktail/party attire encouraged.

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